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Jeune femme / Est Bengale (vers 1900)



Voici donc comme promis, quelques formules issues de l’Atharva Veda, (voir l’article…) donc d’il y a plus de 2500 ans au minimum, charmes, cette fois-ci pour attiser l’amour d’une femme. La traduction, de 1897, comporte des formes désormais désuètes, que nous avons gardées.


Vous trouverez les charmes pour provoquer l’amour d’un homme en suivant ce lien… 



Charm to arouse the passionate love of a woman.


May (love), the disquieter, disquiet thee; do not hold out upon thy bed! With the terrible arrow of Kâma (love) do I pierce thee in the heart?

The arrow, winged with longing, barbed with love, whose shaft is undeviating desire, with that, well-aimed, Kâma shall pierce thee in the heart!

With that well-aimed arrow of Kâma which parches the spleen, whose plume flies forward, which burns up, do I pierce thee in the heart?

Consumed by burning ardour, with parched mouth, do thou (woman) come to me, pliant, (thy) pride laid aside, mine alone, speaking sweetly and to me devoted!

I drive thee with a goad from thy mother and thy father, so that thou shall be in my power, shall come up to my wish.

All her thoughts do ye, O Mitra and Varuna, drive out of her! Then, having deprived her of her will, put her into my power alone!


Charm to secure the love of a woman (traduction française).


Hanker thou after my body,

my feet, hanker after my eyes,

my thighs!

The eyes of thee, as thou lusted after me and thy hair shall be parched with love?

I make thee cling to my arm,

cling to my heart, so that thou shall be in my power,

shall come up to my wish!

The cows, the mothers of the ghee,

who lick their young,

in whose heart love is planted,

shall make yonder woman bestow love upon me!




Clinging to the ground thou didst grow, (O plant), that produces bliss for me; a hundred branches extend from thee, three and thirty grow down from thee: with this plant of a thousand leaves thy heart do I parch.

Thy heart shall parch (with love) for me, and thy mouth shall parch (with love for me)! Languish, moreover, with love for me, with parched mouth pass thy days!

Thou that causes affection, kindles (love), brown, lovely (plant), draw (us) together; draw together yonder woman and myself, our hearts make the same!

As the mouth of him that hath not drunk dries tip, thus languish thou with love for me, with parched mouth pass thy days!

As the Ichneumon tears the serpent, and joins him together again, thus, O potent (plant), join together what hath been torn by love!




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